We are DM Pinellas Cleaning

About us

DM Pinellas Cleaning Service was found in 2019 by Dragana Marceta our CEO. The company has been established in Pinellas County Florida to provide daily, bi-weekly or weekly service to the people of this county. The company is found on the principles of honesty, reliability and hard work - recognising people’s need for different kinds of cleaning services such as home, corporate, moving in/out and vacation cleaning, Daragana established this company as a one-stop cleaning service to meet every requirement.

Our Mission

Our mission is to treat every client the same way and offer the highest quality cleaning service that will not only meet the expectations of our clients but exceed it. We want to ensure the highest quality service and optimal productivity. We define goals, establish strategies and develop plans for the coordination of activities for a flexible management approach. We are a company where our employees are happy and fulfilled. This extends to their work where they give all of our clients the best service leaving their homes and offices spotless. We believe in directing and motivating them to be their best.

The company wants to offer every client impeccable service without charging them an arm and leg. Our services are trustworthy and charges are based only on the frequency of services, the labour and the size of the area needing to be cleaned. We ensure that the regular audits and maintenance on our offices and appliances are carried out so the tasks can be accomplished as per the planning and desirable outcomes are achieved.

Our Core Values

At DM Pinellas Cleaning Service, we are guided and driven by our core values. The core values are a reflection of what our company is and what it wants to be in the future. Our actions and operations are a result of these values. Along with being the best cleaning service in the area, we want to be a place where our employees are happy to work. The company promotes a diverse and inclusive culture where everyone is encouraged to excel. Our company culture is also characterised by our employees and the highest standards of ethics, integrity and honesty.

Our Core Values are:

  • Respect for all: Every employee and client is valued and their choices respected.
  • Excellence:Providing the best experience and the highest quality work to all our clients.
  • Responsibility: We will never shirk of on our responsibility to leave your home or office spotless.
  • Integrity: Our Company is transparent, open and honest about what we do.
  • Trust: We want to establish trust with every client so they can worry-free for the cleaning service.
  • Innovation: We are open to innovation in our company and cleaning service to be industry leaders.

The Company Vision

The company is continuously working hard to be recognised by our clients and the industry. We want to be recognised as the industry leaders the best when it comes to cleaning services and facilities in Pinellas County Florida

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